Royal Flush Farms is a private 140 acre farm located in the beautiful rolling hills of Central Pennsylvania. We are fortunate to be situated on a property with fields, wooded area, ponds, and a small stream.  This allows us adequate room and terrain for training, conditioning, and just enjoying our animals.
We have painstakingly selected the best dogs we have been able to find in terms of health, temperament, talent, and pedigree.  We strive to produce dual quality Britanys that have unrivaled hunting ability, biddable temperament, and versatility to be both an elite athlete and family companion.  We hope to produce and offer everyone the opportunity to own a once in a lifetime dog.
We are continually learning, improving our lines, and working to provide the best enviorment possible for our dogs.  We have a new state of the art kennel that is kept impeccably clean and sanitized daily.  Our dogs stay comfortable in climate controlled housing and large kennel runs.  All our dogs are rotated into our home so everyone has the opportunity for one on one attention and to maintain housebreaking and home manners.  We are also in the process of planning a 70' x 120' exercise run area for additional group exercise and socialization.
 We are a performance and competition kennel - our dogs are thoughtfull and meticulously maintained and conditioned at all times.  We do not maintain dogs for breeding only nor do we have "career breeders" as all our dog's primary purpose is competition and companionship. Any dog we consider breeding must meet our stringent requirements in terms of proven ability, temprement, health, and pedigree.  Health requiements include OFA certifications and applicable vet clearances.  We are working toward all dogs in our kennel having CHIC numbers and being certified for not only hips and elbows, but also completing yearly heart and eye certifications as well.   Ability and talent are tested via various competitions.  Dogs must be competitive in hunt tests, field trials, and/or conformation shows prior to being considered for a breeding prospect. Typically, we only breed a few litters from a bitch early in her carreer and she resumes her competition schedule afterward.  
We both have a love for continuous learning and improvement.  We regurarly attend breeding seminars, heath conferences, training seminars and any continuing education opportunities available. We have received formal educaiton in canine areas of theriogenology, nutrition, vaccine protocol, biosecurity, first aid and dentistry to name a few.  We have countless certifications and C.E hours.  It is our hope that this allows us to offer the best care to our animals and also the most relevent and up-to-date information to our clients. 
Thank you for your interest in us and we hope to speak with you about your next upland adventure or show dog!
Dan & Samantha Dodson