Step 1: Fill out a puppy questionnaire.  

This questionnaire is used to determine litter suitability, puppy suitability, and also record keeping.  

Step 2: We will contact you via email or phone to confirm questionniare approval and to discuss suitable options.

Step 3: Once we confirm availability for a pup and you choose to proceed you can submit a $200 deposit to hold your place on a wait list or an available pup.

Often times we have a wait list started well before the puppies are born.  We typically are very conservative with waitlists on breedings, then will offer any remaining puppies once they are born.  Please not that we have no control over the number of puppies, genders, or colors that are born.  We do our absolute best to ensure that we do not overbook litters until we ensure what is available, however, things can happen.  In the event that we cannot produce a puppy to your specififications we will offer to transer your deposit to another upcoming litter or return your deposit. 

How to make a deposit:

You can choose to either send a check or utalize the online secure payment system (coming soon!).   

Checks can be made out to: Samantha James and mailed to our home address:

Royal Flush Farms

1565 Locke Mountain Road

Hollidaysburg, PA 16648

General Information & Pick Up 

All our puppies are whelped and raised in our home.  They are exceptionally well socalized and acclimated puppies by the time they go home at 8 weeks.  Puppies are given premium nutrition to get them off to a healthy start.  Typically we feed either Eukanuba or Taste of the Wild depending on which seems to work best for the puppies.  A 5 pound bag is included in your puppy kit.  We encourage you to keep your puppy on a premium diet and if any changes are made, please ensure they are done gradually.

Puppies receive age appropriate vaccinations and regular dewormings while at our facility.  All our dogs are on a regular vaccination schedule and are on monthly heartworm preventatives which allows mother's to pass excellent antibiodies to their puppies and limits any parasite contraction from their mothers while nursing.  Puppies are dewormed at 2,3,4,6 and 8 weeks of age.  Vaccinations are typically given starting at 7 weeks.

Puppies are implanted with a microchip at about 7.5 weeks of age.  We provide a pre-paid certificate to register the microchip so your puppy has a permanent form of identification.

AKC Registration is included in the price of your puppy.  The litter registration and individual puppy registration dues are paid in full by Royal Flush Farms prior to 6 weeks of age.  Once you think of a registered name you can email it, text it, or call us with it and we will finalize their registration.  Their AKC registration certificate will then arrive directly to you.

All puppies will go to our veternarian at 7 weeks for a full health examination.  A health certificate from a licensed veternarian will be included in your puppy folder at the time of pick up.

What can you expect at pick up?

Please plan to allow 15-20 minutes to review information the day you pick up your puppy.  We will discuss feeding instructions and paperwork.  A folder with literature as well as health records, microchip enrollement, pedigrees, and futurity information (if applicable) will be reviewed.  We also supply a 5 pound bag of feed, a bag of Wellness Puppy Treats, a stuffed pheasant toy, Smartbones samples, and a Eukanuba folder which includes coupons.  We are happy to provide tours of the kennels as well and answer any questions you may have. 

Shipping Puppies

We do provide airline transfers for puppies as well. In the event that your puppy will be shipped we will send the puppy kit 1 week prior to the puppy's flight.  We are happy to coordinate flight arrangements for you.  We generally fly our puppies out of Pittsburgh International Airport via American Airlines, United, or Delta.  Typically we suggest that puppies be at least 9-10 weeks to be flown, however, they can be accepted on flights as early as 8 weeks.  We just prefer to have a couple extra weeks to acclimate them to a crate prior to shipping.

Airline costs for a flight are typically $190-$300 and are a pass though cost.  We will pay for the flight at the time of booking and we will provide itemized recpeipt for re-imbursement to be paid no less than 3 days prior to departure. 

Additional costs incurred include:  USDA veternarian health certification, crate, tranportation/drop off/check in at airport are billed at $125.