RINGO x Belle Litter 

At Royal flush Farms we select only the finest dogs as breeding candidates.  They must meet stringent criteria in terms of proven ability, temperament, health, and pedigree.

Basic Information

Date of Birth: June 14, 2018

Availability:  Liver Roan Male, Liver & White Male, Liver & White Female, Liver Roan Female, Orange Roan Female, Orange & White Female

Sire: Walker's Prarie Bandit

Dam: JR's Jackpot Bell JH

Price: $1,100

Quick Details 

We are expecting exceptionally talented, hard-hitting, pups with style,  gundog  range, intensty, desire, stamina and boldness.  These pups will have unique color and an impeccible pedigree which is the icing on the cake.  These will be excellent pups for field trial, NSTRA, and hunt test homes as well as great hunting and companion dogs.   We look forward to dogs with plenty of heart in the field, outstanding character, and biddable temperaments. 

Belle is a competition dog who is pursuing a future of hunt test and field trails.  She easily completed her Junior Hunt Test title and will be pursuing her Senior title in fall 2018.  She has 9 field trial wins in juvenile and adult stakes (all age).   She is a fast, forward, smart-working dog with a great amout of "heart".  She is an uncomplicated dog who hunts hard.  Belle has a wonderful nose and is a "smart" hunting dog in knowing where to go and how to use terrain and wind to her advantage.  In the home she is affectionate, goofy, and medium energy.  

Ringo is a powerful and extremely biddable young male who is also pursuing a future of hunt tests and field trials.  He is one leg away from his Junior title and will be continuing his career with a focus on field trials.  He is a blazingly fast, forward, and intense male with a shooting dog range.  Ringo always is sure to know where you are and is very honest in his birdwork.  He is a naturally staunch and steady dog on birds with outstanding style and intensity.  He was even featured on an episode of The Outdoor Channel's "The Flush"!  In the home he is a dream and a dog that everyone falls in love with.  He is mellow mannered, low energy, and sweet.  He goes with the flow and remains unflustered no matter the situation.  He is truly a dream dog! 

We are expecting the perfect blend of hunt and home with the talent for a pro but the temperament for an amateur! 

This is a repeat breeding of an exceptional litter that produced pups that are competing in NSTRA, working as guide dogs, and excelling in the field and home.

Included in price of puppy

  • Age appropriate vaccinations & deworming
  • Microchip (pre-paid lifetime enrollment)
  • AKC Registration (pre-paid)
  • Heath Certificate 
  • Puppy Kit
  • ABC Futirity Nomination